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9 March, 20159 March, 2015 1 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

referring to Li Ning held this morning to participate in an analyst conference call, referring to the weak mainland sporting goods sales, underperformed expectations, as international brands during the London Olympics have more reduced price promotions, feed industry will have a single-digit growth. 16 teams, 31 games, four-year term of the European Cup since the start has been so crazy fans around the world. The same crazy States national team as well as those sponsored sports brand. Reporters learned that the current 16 teams have been divided uniforms Nike, Adidas, Puma and Umbro four brands. In accordance with past practice, the team's performance directly affects the jersey sales, the four major sports brand gamble European Cup journey has just begun. Brand war - Nike, Adidas, Puma, Umbro betting on the team at this year's 16 European Cup team reporter noted that in addition to Nike, Adidas is still outside the jersey sponsor large,

Puma, Umbro two brands also joined this time the brand campaign. Reporters noted that air jordan 3 the brand focuses on the selection of different sponsorship target. As Adi selected six teams, more than half are traditionally strong teams, Nike is more emphasis on the technical stream, attack-minded team. In recent years, the re-emergence of Puma and Umbro, continue to look like betting in Italy, Czech Republic, England, veteran teams this body. Reporters learned that, like the European Cup this major sporting events every year to attract billions of fans worldwide attention.

Therefore, the high popularity of the companies sponsoring teams and players, air jordan 6
mainly want to influence their fans to sell their products. List of Nike brand sponsored teams: Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Croatia and France Adidas: Russia, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Ukraine Puma: Czech Republic, Italy Umbro: Ireland, England, Sweden, sales battle - Spain's hottest start four days reporters yesterday visited the capital stock has more than Nike, Adidas stores found that the current two camps have been added to our main team uniforms. Reporters in Sanlitun Village Adidas flagship store to see, wearing Spain, Germany national team jersey model was placed in the store the most prominent position, p


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9 March, 20159 March, 2015 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

According to store sales personnel, both national team jersey is the best selling. In particular, the Spanish team jersey after the start of the European Cup, but as sales champion, its sales volume growth compared to the previous jersey has exceeded more than 60%. "We are now able to sell more than 100 pieces a day, especially in Spain jersey, has been partially broken code situation,

but also to transfer goods from other stores." Salesperson told reporters. The Sun Dong apm located Nike flagship store, the Netherlands and the French team's jersey just shelves, there were already fans into the store to buy. Sales staff said, because of these two uniforms shelves just two days, nike hypervenom phantom more adequate supply at present. But as the game progresses, it may happen soon broken code. Located in Xidan Joy City of Puma and Umbro Friends of the department store, based in Italy and England are also very strong sales of two brand uniforms. Reporters noted that the current basic price of the brand is positioned between 400 yuan -1000 yuan, ordinary uniforms generally concentrated in the 500 yuan from top to bottom, if it is commemorative

edition will have a thousand dollars, compared to previous years, prices rose slightly. In addition, the reporter also noted that, in addition to the various branches of the national team jersey, the simultaneous release of such as soccer shoes, soccer European Cup edition, fans shirts, nike mercurial vapor ix scarves and other peripheral products of fans, there have been varying degrees of sales growth, rose 30% about. National brand price (yuan), Germany (players) Adi 1098 Germany (fans) Adidas Puma 499 539 Italy 249 popular Umbro England national team jersey price brand price (yuan) France Netherlands Nike Nike 529 529 529 Nike Portugal Spain (players) Adi 1098 Spain (fans) Adi 539 Euro 5% of goods sold abroad, according to a well-known institutions to enhance data


9 March, 20159 March, 2015 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

analysis, such as the 2012 European Cup this event, sales of football merchandise can be about 5% of the increase. And a German consulting agency data claimed that in 2012 global sales of football merchandise will more than 4 billion euros. He estimates Adidas market share about 38%, followed by 36 percent of Nike places. Euro boost for Adidas relevant responsible person said, by the 2012 European Cup, driven by sales of its football-related products in 2012 will more than 1.5 billion euros ($ 1.87 billion). The annual sales of over 20 billion US dollars of Nike claimed that the 2011 fiscal year has $ 1.8 billion in revenue from soccer products. Experts said that due to hold adidas and FIFA and Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and other clubs in the cooperation

agreement, the European market leader Nike. Industry insiders estimate that the 2012 European Cup jersey copy sold 7 million is expected to be, which alone can ensure that at least 500 million euros ($ 623 million) in retail sales. The outcome of the war - to wear Adidas odds betting big nike magista obra fg winner in the eyes of the fans, the European Cup is 16 teams flame, but in the eyes of the sports brands, Nike and Adidas is based on the main competition. "If the French team eventually won the championship, then the Nike apparel as well as the European Cup merchandise will surely

become the most popular product." Sanlitun Nike flagship store clerk told reporters. nike mercurial superfly fg Adidas is the same, all the chips in the betting on the team's record. In order to give their team and cheer products, Nike began from March of this year's European Cup-related marketing campaign, far earlier than its rival Adidas, but the latter, as the European Cup, "the official partner" does not seem to lack of confidence. Screenings conducted from now, the four victorious teams, there are three teams wearing Adidas uniforms, only Croatia is wearing Nike jersey. Reporters in previous


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9 March, 20159 March, 2015 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

years by the European Cup and World Cup statistics show that since 2000 has produced a total of three sessions of the European Cup and three World Cup titles, there are four teams are wearing Adidas uniforms, only Italy team sponsored by Puma, Nike-sponsored teams and only Brazilian team won the championship. This year, the "Nike line" of the team, the Dutch team is more optimistic about the favorites, and "Adi line" of the team, there defending champion Spain and this session of the favorites to win the German team. Plus the first game in good sponsor Umbro England, Nike "win" road this year does not seem to be optimistic. In this regard, a senior fans and experts predict that this year's European Cup is likely between Germany, Spain, Russia produced,

because in addition to their strength, but also invariably wearing Adidas jerseys. adidas 11pro trx fg 2000 - 2010 European Cup and World Cup winning team in 2000 European Cup France adidas 2002 World Cup in Brazil Nike Euro 2004 Greece adidas 2006 World Cup in Italy Puma 2008 European Cup Spain adidas 2010 World Cup in Spain Adidas industry analysts through the game to pull l sold as brand marketing strategy for major Nike, Adidas brand dominated the four major sports crazy performance at this year's European Cup, a sports brand marketing, Miss Gu Wenhuang told reporters that

the brand in order to obtain synergies through the game, according to the adidas predator instinct fg different participating countries to design different styles of uniforms, uniform color choices on the basis of these countries flag colors, very unique, and this is an aspect of brand marketing. In addition, since the next European Cup attracted the attention of billions around the world over, so even this world like Adidas sports brand ranked first, crush will occupy more than one seat in each team, for the With the European Cup is the concept of marketing. And it turns out, there is the European Cup


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9 March, 20159 March, 2015 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

effect driven brand sales increased significantly, a conservative estimate would be more than 50%. On the other hand, for all sports brand, during the game using the hungry marketing, deadline, limited edition strategy, but also can cause consumers to buy, to promote sales. Related news cottage jersey first to market profit over twice the European Cup in full swing, is also among the four major sports brand melee, one European Cup jersey is toxic news has become the focus of public attention. News, including favorites Spain, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, 9 jerseys were

detected excessive chemical composition, which hosts the most serious Poland. Reporters cheap toms shoes learned that the current surge in sales each team jersey, jersey sales growth in some countries more than doubled, which also provides a market for those fake makers. As the European Cup Zhu Qiang New Jersey released relatively late, but shrewd businessman is targeting this time difference, ahead of the official sale of production of some counterfeit products dominate the market in advance. This phenomenon not only in domestic presence, but also in the global fermentation.

According to a jersey dealers said, as early as five months before these fake jersey toms shoes mens
has arrived, so far he has sold a hundred, "those diehard fans prefer buying in advance of counterfeit shirts, jerseys tend to arrive as genuine relatively late. "This reporter learned that the European Cup by constantly intense impact of the current profits of a shirt can reach more than two-fold, which has become a reseller of the sales season. "As genuine jersey production is limited in some countries, some fans may appear difficult to buy at the local dealer. So fans have no other choice, prefer to buy counterfeit jerseys." Head of a sporting goods store Road. "Counterfeit shirts cost only about one-fifth to one-tenth genuine. We are not forcing fans to buy the non-authentic jersey."


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